“Leah Rose Clements (left) and Ava Marie Clements celebrated their new birthdays on July 7 in California, USA. According to Instyle magazine, the two sisters are dubbed the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Twins’ and are prominent faces in the world of child modeling, securing numerous contracts.

At the age of six months, the two children began appearing in advertisements and were invited to sign contracts by a modeling agency in Los Angeles. However, realizing the importance of allowing their children time for play and leisure, Jaqi and her husband Kevin Clement decided to have their children take a break from modeling after three months of participation.

According to the Daily Mail, when the twins were seven years old and expressed their interest in performing and dancing, Mrs. Clement had them return to modeling. She also enrolled them in dance classes, swimming lessons, and various extracurricular activities.

From 2017 to the present, Leah and Ava have secured dozens of advertising contracts, served as brand ambassadors, and appeared in magazine photoshoots.

Currently, their joint social media account attracts 2 million followers.

On Instagram, many followers comment that the two sisters look like dolls, with their captivating deep eyes, curved lips, and flowing hair.

Mrs. Clement told the Daily Mail that currently, the twins prioritize their education at school and only participate in photoshoots after school hours.

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