In the latest season of OutDaughtered, Danielle Busby expressed her lack of trust in her eldest daughter, Blayke, during an episode that involved Blayke and her cousins, Lily and Mackenzie, babysitting the quintuplets. Adam and Danielle set some ground rules for the girls, instructing them not to call the adults unless there was an emergency involving “throw up, fire, or blood.” They were also not allowed to go outside.

After leaving the girls in charge, Adam and Danielle tried to check in on them but received no response. Concerned, they decided to cut their night short and rush home to ensure everything was okay. When they arrived, they found the house eerily quiet. Adam mentioned that it’s never a good sign when they return home to such silence. However, the girls quickly emerged to surprise their parents.

It turned out that Blayke’s first time babysitting went extremely well. The girls had organized a surprise show for the adults and even prepared a fun poster for Aunt Crystal and Lily’s 40th Birthday Bash. Everybody was impressed with how the evening turned out, and despite Danielle’s initial lack of trust, the girls successfully handled the responsibility of babysitting the quintuplets.

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