Tori Roloff, known for her appearances on the reality TV show LPBW (Little People, Big World), often shares glimpses into her daily life with her husband Zach and their three children, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. She frequently updates her social media followers with fun and adventurous moments from their family routine. However, a recent post she shared caused concern among fans.

Tori took to Instagram to share a story featuring a special device in her husband’s car. Zach, who has dwarfism, uses a device with pedal extenders to drive his car comfortably. In the story, Tori showed her flip-flop stuck in the extender after its sole was damaged by a screw from the modified pedals. She found the situation amusing and claimed it to be “unrelatable” for average-height individuals driving a car belonging to someone with dwarfism.

However, this upload raised concern among LPBW fans, who voiced their worries on a Reddit thread. Some fans expressed concern about the safety of Tori’s children, hoping that she would not drive with the pedal extenders when her kids were in the car. Others mentioned that driving a car with extenders and not using them seemed “extremely unsafe.” One fan pointed out the jolts sticking out and questioned their purpose. Another fan mentioned that it could potentially be a violation of insurance regulations. Overall, many fans expressed that they found the situation not funny but rather dangerous for Tori’s children.

It’s important to note that fans’ concerns are based on their own assessment of the situation and their understanding of safety precautions. The ultimate responsibility for ensuring the safety of her family lies with Tori and her husband Zach.

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