Audrey Roloff, a former castmate of Little People Big World (LPBW), continues to remain prominent among the show’s audience through her and her husband Jeremy’s social media presence. While they often face criticism for their parenting and lifestyle choices, Audrey recently shared a different kind of post that touched the hearts of fans. It involved an unfortunate loss in her family.

On her Instagram handle, Audrey mentioned dealing with a loss in her family. She explained that their family had lost their dog unexpectedly. While LPBW fans were aware that Audrey, Jeremy, and their kids owned cats, they were not aware of them having a pet dog. It is likely that Audrey was referring to her immediate family, who live nearby.

Additionally, Audrey hinted at “other hard stuff” happening in their household, which led them to pause their construction work. Fans may be aware that their home is a fixer-upper that requires extensive renovations. Alongside her post, Audrey shared pictures of her children, Ember, Radley, and Bode. The images depicted the kids sitting in a vehicle, happily harvesting apples and smiling at the camera.

Audrey mentioned that looking at her children during moments of distress provides her with relief. While LPBW fans often criticize Audrey for her posts, this particular one moved many people, who praised her for sharing her vulnerability.

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