In recent years, Sister Wives star Kody Brown has experienced both ups and downs with his children, who have been heavily impacted by his struggles with his wives. Some of the children have even rebelled against his rules, particularly during the pandemic. In Season 18 of the show, Janelle’s son, Garrison, expressed that they no longer felt the need for a father figure, while Gabriel revealed that he had cut ties with his dad. However, in the latest season, Kody has shown remorse, leaving fans curious about the current status of their relationships. Let’s take a look at how they are doing today.

Despite his divorces, Kody is still making efforts to stay connected with his children. He has attended important milestones in their lives, such as Savanah’s graduation in May, where Gabriel and Garrison were also present. He also participated in Gwendlyn’s wedding, which was a significant event for the Brown family. Due to Kody’s ongoing problems with the wives, they have celebrated holidays apart. Nevertheless, it is evident that Kody is still striving to be present for his children.

As for Gabriel and Garrison, it is unclear if they have fully reconciled with their father at this point. However, they have been more in touch with their mother and siblings. In July, Janelle shared a picture of her date night with the two brothers, where they watched an Indiana Jones movie. Janelle cherishes every reunion they have, even without Kody. In May, she posted a beautiful photo with her children, except for Hunter and his girlfriend.

Kody has expressed his desire to reconcile with Gabriel and Garrison. He has apologized to his sons and acknowledged that he wants to protect his family. He stated, “Next time, I’d manage it differently, and I’m sorry.”

Currently, Gabriel is studying at Northern Arizona University and remains active on the reality show. There have been speculations about him having a girlfriend, based on a photo uploaded by his brother Hunter, where a woman is seen sitting on Gabriel’s lap. Gabriel also spends a lot of time with his mother in Kody’s absence.

Garrison reportedly purchased a house in Flagstaff, a 20-minute drive from his father’s property. He is a member of the Nevada Army National Guard and plans to relaunch his clothing business, Bob’s Floral. He remains discreet about his relationship with Kody. His Instagram profile indicates that he enjoys photography and traveling to historical places.

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