Speculations have arisen among fans of 7 Little Johnstons regarding Anna Johnston’s presence at her sister Emma Johnston’s graduation, leading to discussions about a possible estrangement between Anna and her parents, Trent and Amber Johnston. Another family member, Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston, also appears to be off the radar.

Fans Question Anna Johnston’s Relationship with Her Parents

In recent weeks, rumors have circulated suggesting a rift between Trent, Amber, and their eldest adopted daughter. The speculation began when eagle-eyed TLC fans noticed that Amber’s official account for the show no longer follows Anna, and vice versa. Additionally, Liz Johnston has stopped following her sister. However, Alex and Emma Johnston still maintain a social media connection with Anna.

Fans of 7 Little Johnstons are relieved to see that Emma Johnston and Anna Johnston still maintain a friendly relationship. Recently, Emma and Alex celebrated their graduation, and various photos were shared on social media. Interestingly, no photos involving Anna were released. This has fueled speculation about a potential estrangement. Moreover, Anna recently revealed to a friend that she would not be attending the Little People of America National Conference, further indicating her isolation.

Did Anna Attend Emma Johnston’s Graduation?

A fan on Reddit shared a collage of photos from the graduation event, raising questions about Anna’s presence. One photo included Anna, but it was an older picture when Liz was still pregnant. The rest of the photos did not feature Emma’s older sister. It is unclear whether Brice Bolden, a family friend, attended the event or if he captured some of the pictures.

The ensuing discussion among fans raised theories about why Anna might have snubbed Emma’s graduation. Some speculated that her new boyfriend, Darius Anderson, played a role, citing a speculative comment he made on social media about wanting to be Anna’s baby daddy. Additionally, Anderson is a person of color. Here are some of the comments regarding the potential reasons for Anna’s absence:

“People tend to create narratives based on photos available to the public on Instagram. It’s likely all staged for views. It’s fake, just like everything else on TV and social media.”

“Trent and Amber are in the wrong for not inviting Anna… I feel sorry for her. Emma must be upset that Anna wasn’t included.”

“I don’t know if they are racist, but if they are, it will eventually come to light!”

“So, are the parents upset about her boyfriend?”

“I believe the rift is between Anna and her parents. I’m glad Emma included a picture of Anna in her collage.”

Contrarily, at least one person claimed to have seen pictures of Anna at the graduation, stating, “Anna did attend Emma’s graduation; I’m not sure what happened with the photos.”

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