Numerous fans of 7 Little Johnstons strongly advocate for TLC to create a spinoff show featuring Anna Johnston. Let’s explore what viewers are saying about this idea.

Despite being in the midst of Season 14, many fans of 7 Little Johnstons are not entertained. They express dissatisfaction with the excessive focus on raunchy scenes between Trent Johnston and Amber Johnston. Moreover, the pregnancy storyline involving Liz Johnston has dominated the season’s narrative, leaving other cast members, like Anna Johnston and the siblings, in the background. Prior to this season, viewers criticized the show for its lackluster storylines, with some even suggesting that it has run its course.

Throughout all the seasons of 7 Little Johnstons, Anna Johnston has consistently emerged as the fan favorite. Viewers express disapproval of how the rest of the family treats Anna, considering her the black sheep. However, she has proven herself to be incredibly successful, juggling her appearances on the show with work and running her own business. Anna even purchased her own home and recently graduated college. With her accomplishments and likability, Anna has garnered immense support from fans.

Many fans of 7 Little Johnstons ardently desire TLC to give Anna Johnston her own spinoff show. As she is the undisputed favorite among viewers, it seems like an obvious choice if TLC wishes to capitalize on the family’s popularity. Not only would a spinoff provide a deeper look into Anna’s daily life, but it would also offer glimpses into her love life, including her new boyfriend. Fans believe there are numerous reasons why this TLC spinoff idea would be successful and are adamant about making it a reality.

One fan expressed, “Can we please get Anna her own show? I feel like it would be a hit, showcasing her thriving life and the challenges she faces as a young adult. It could feature her cousin, aunt, friend, and dogs.” Another enthusiastic viewer added, “I would definitely watch it. Imagine how it would drive Amber over the edge!” A third commenter shared, “Yes! The show could focus on her thriving independently, the challenges she overcomes as a little person, and none of the silly family challenges or inappropriate parental behavior.”

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