Angela Deem, a prominent figure on 90 Day Fiancé, has recently been expressing her frustration and accusing her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, of dishonesty. The conflict between the couple began when Michael fled from Angela and sought help from the authorities. According to Michael, his wife allegedly tased him in the face, prompting him to run away and keep his location hidden for several weeks before it was discovered to be in Indiana. However, Angela now claims to have new evidence that contradicts Michael’s narrative. Read on to find out about her shocking revelation.

Angela has been publicly calling out Michael for his alleged lies. Earlier this month, she vented her frustration towards her husband after a video clip emerged showing him dancing with fellow Nigerians in Indiana. In the clip, Michael was seen giving money to a woman and posing for pictures with various individuals. Angela responded on a fan page, labeling her husband as “fake” and “broke.” She has also been sharing quotes on Instagram about the triumph of truth. It appears that Angela has obtained significant evidence to support her claims.

Angela took to Instagram to share a video clip featuring a screenshot from one of Michael’s recent posts. The screenshot shows comments from people congratulating Michael for allegedly starting a new life in the United States. Notably, Angela highlighted that Michael had liked a comment saying, “We did it broda,” leading her to believe that he had planned to deceive her. She also noticed that Michael had removed these comments, possibly to conceal his true intentions. Angela captioned the post by expressing her frustration and referencing homeland security.

Several individuals also noticed that Michael deleted the suspicious comments on his latest Instagram post. Initially, he had disabled the comments section and later proceeded to remove those congratulating him. Michael has yet to address the allegations made by Angela. However, it is evident that he no longer wishes to be with Angela Deem. It has also been reported that Michael already possesses an IR1 visa, granting him permanent residence in the United States. This may explain Angela’s anger over his “escape.”

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