Jasmine Pineda, a familiar face from 90 Day Fiancé, has opened up about feeling “controlled” by her husband, Gino Palazzolo. As a couple, they have shared their relationship’s ups and downs with fans over the course of their time in the franchise. However, a recent obstacle involving Jasmine’s children’s immigration to the United States has shed light on some troubling dynamics within their marriage, making Jasmine question the toxicity of their relationship.

Viewers witnessed a heated argument between Gino and Jasmine when it was revealed that Gino had made a mistake on Jasmine’s visa application by omitting her children. This error means they have to restart the entire process for her two sons, resulting in a longer wait than Jasmine had anticipated. Additionally, Gino showed reluctance to pay for legal assistance, further exacerbating the situation. This incident has led Jasmine to contemplate returning to Panama, especially since her mother is currently ill. Being away from her family has already been difficult, and Gino’s mishandling of the visa process has only worsened matters.

As fans have witnessed Jasmine’s involvement in the pageant world, they also saw Gino’s resistance to paying the entry fees, which sparked strong emotions within Jasmine.

“I feel incredibly frustrated because I am completely dependent on him for everything. I cannot go anywhere without him driving me. Financially, I rely on him entirely. He hasn’t provided me with any credit card for basic necessities, so I can’t even buy tampons by myself. I believe he’s trying to control me, and that is terrifying because I’ve never been in such a vulnerable position. I’m not a submissive person, and I don’t like it.”

Jasmine’s aversion to being told what to do has been evident throughout their relationship, and this issue is pushing her further away. The state of their relationship appears to be strained.

It is clear that Jasmine dislikes relying on Gino for everything, although she knew this would be the case when she moved to the United States. Fans have expressed concerns about the toxicity of their relationship from the beginning. Constant arguments between the couple have been a recurring theme, and recently, Jasmine even expressed her reluctance to have a child with Gino. It seems that their relationship is on a downward trajectory.

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