7 Little Johnstons fans have noticed a recurring theme of disdain from Amber Johnston when it comes to average-size people. While it’s unclear if Amber truly hates them, there are several indicators that point to her negative feelings.

One of the primary reasons fans believe Amber has a dislike for average-size individuals is her encouragement for her children to date other little people. This contrasts with Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden’s relationship, where Brice is average-sized. Additionally, recent updates suggest that even Anna Johnston has found an average-size boyfriend, but Amber still maintains her preference for little people as partners for her children.

In recent scenes on 7 Little Johnstons, viewers observed Amber’s visible upset when Liz and Brice revealed that their baby, Leighton, would likely be “tall.” Amber expressed her hope for a little person grandchild, and she admitted to TLC cameras that adapting to a “tall” grandchild would be difficult for her and Trent Johnston.

Despite the initial concerns, social media updates show that the family has adjusted well to having an average-size family member. However, many viewers have detected a subtle disdain and possibly even hatred from Amber towards average-size people based on her overall attitude.

Considering the evidence presented throughout the years on 7 Little Johnstons, many fans are convinced that Amber not only favors little people but actively dislikes average-size individuals. Recent discussions on this topic sparked various reactions from viewers, with many expressing their opinions openly.

Some fans pointed out that Amber’s actions often revolve around her own desires and needs. Others were uncomfortable with the conversation between Trent and Amber about the nursery, perceiving a negative tone towards the possibility of having a non-little person. Several commenters criticized Amber’s attitude, labeling her as awful and suggesting that she has insecurities about her own stature, leading to overcompensation.

As the discussion continued, some viewers felt that Amber displayed a superiority complex and noted that Liz seemed to have internalized her mother’s beliefs.

In conclusion, 7 Little Johnstons fans have picked up on Amber Johnston’s apparent dislike or disdain for average-size people. While it’s uncertain if she genuinely hates them, her preference for little people as partners for her children and negative comments about having a tall grandchild have led viewers to speculate about her feelings. Opinions among fans vary, with some criticizing Amber’s attitude and suggesting underlying insecurities, while others believe she holds a superiority complex.

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