Gino Palazzolo, a star of 90 Day Fiance, has publicly labeled Jasmine Pineda as an “unsafe partner” following her recent post about their first wedding anniversary. Throughout their time on the show, fans have witnessed the couple go through numerous ups and downs, with frequent arguments and almost-breakups. Gino and Jasmine’s relationship is widely regarded as one of the more toxic dynamics depicted on the series. Read on to discover more about this situation.

Jasmine Pineda has entered into a new relationship, reportedly dating someone since November 2023. Rumors circulated that Gino discovered Jasmine cheating on him with a person named Matt, resulting in him asking her to leave his home. Allegedly, she has been residing with Matt ever since. The two have been spotted together at the gym, even as recently as this month. However, neither party has confirmed their relationship publicly, possibly due to contractual obligations with the show. Nevertheless, Jasmine has not hesitated to exhibit her new love interest on social media. In response, Gino took to social media to express his discontent.

Jasmine posted on Instagram to commemorate their first wedding anniversary, although she did not tag Gino. Fans speculate that this post was made solely to fulfill their contractual obligations in relation to the timing of the show. In response, Gino shared an image on his story depicting an “unsafe partner.” The image outlined characteristics such as being unreceptive to feedback, offering apologies but continuing the same behavior, and consistently trying to prove oneself right while belittling the other person. It was evident that Gino’s post was directed at Jasmine, as he would not have shared it otherwise. It is clear that the two are currently not on good terms.

Gino’s public declaration suggests that he perceives Jasmine as an “unsafe partner.” Although it is known that the two are no longer together, contractual obligations prevent them from revealing too much about their personal lives. Nevertheless, Jasmine has been openly flirting with her new boyfriend on social media and sharing images of them holding hands. It was evident to viewers that the relationship between Gino and Jasmine was not destined to succeed.

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