New evidence has surfaced confirming suspicions that 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem was being scammed by her partner, Michael Ilesanmi. Fans have long questioned the authenticity of their relationship and Michael’s true intentions. While some also criticized Angela’s treatment of him, it now appears that Michael’s primary motive was obtaining a visa. The existence of concrete proof has dispelled any lingering doubts. Continue reading to learn more.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have endured a tumultuous journey over the years. They have been together for approximately seven years, marked by numerous ups and downs. Michael’s infidelity in online relationships has been a recurring issue, yet Angela chose to forgive him. Recent episodes of the show depicted Angela’s efforts to assist Michael in obtaining his visa approval, as she traveled to Nigeria to support him during his interview. However, upon his return, he informed her that a decision was still pending, raising suspicions about his actions and casting doubt on his intentions.

Now, Angela has received the evidence she needed to confirm that Michael had been scamming her throughout their relationship. She discovered a group chat named “Paradise Men,” in which Michael served as the administrator.

“This looks like they’re scamming people from the U.S. for women in a men’s paradise for visas, what the f**k? Right now, I feel like he knows when that visa is coming. He wants me to go home so he can get his opportunity to go to the U.S. without me,” Angela expressed.

Furthermore, Angela discovered that Michael was charging men to join the chat. The conversation even veered into discussions about life insurance, leading Angela to question whether Michael had plans to harm her. Shockingly, he had also shared her tax returns within the chat.

“They know my personal business! Do you understand what he’s done? They can scam me for everything! He gave a random person my s**t!” Angela exclaimed.

This revelation took fans by surprise. The situation escalated into a physical altercation, requiring the intervention of a producer.

It appears that Michael had been orchestrating a money-making scheme, charging men for entry into the group chat. Their ultimate goal was to find women who could facilitate their entry into the United States. Michael’s brazen act of sharing Angela’s personal information left fans stunned. While suspicions of his deception were not entirely unexpected, the extent of his involvement in scamming American women was truly shocking.

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