Raising children can be a costly endeavor, and for OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby, the financial burden is even greater with six young girls, five of whom are the same age. As the current season of the show unfolds, viewers witness the couple’s efforts to maintain their marriage while facing the financial challenges of raising their large family.

In a recent interview, the Busbys openly acknowledged their ongoing financial struggles. Adam Busby, the family patriarch, emphasized their willingness to showcase both the positive and negative aspects of their lives. Danielle added that they often encounter expensive situations, such as summer camps where the cost can reach $2,000 for just five days, compared to what a single parent might spend on a day camp, which could be around $250 or $300.

Despite the financial hurdles, the OutDaughtered stars are determined to provide the best lives for their daughters. Instead of outright denying the girls’ participation in summer camps, they actively search for more affordable options. The Busbys also try to reduce expenses in other areas, recognizing that even small costs can accumulate over time.

Danielle highlighted that even everyday expenses like school lunches can add up, with each child’s meal costing around $2. In their world, where all the girls eat school lunches, this amounts to $10 to $15 per day, which they consider a significant expense for subpar meals.

As the children grow older, the financial burden is expected to increase. Blayke Busby, the eldest at 13, and the quints, who just turned 9, will soon face additional expenses related to extracurricular activities, proms, college, and weddings. While the family benefits financially from their reality television show, the Busbys emphasized that the show is not their entire life. They give their children breaks from filming when necessary, recognizing that their lives extend beyond the TV series.

Danielle emphasized that the show is just a part of their lives, providing an outlet for them to share their experiences. They strive to be as authentic as possible, showcasing both the joys and challenges of their family dynamics. Filming the show can be demanding, but they continue to do their best to fulfill what they believe is their calling.

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