Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently appeared on the Miss Understood podcast, where she discussed topics she hadn’t previously addressed. One question posed to her was about her relationship with her former sister wives and the children. Here’s what she had to say.

During the podcast interview, Meri Brown opened up about the current dynamics within the Sister Wives family. One of the topics she addressed was her connection with the Brown children. Meri used to believe that they should all stick together as a family. However, she now realizes that it’s okay for them to go their separate ways. She emphasized that if a relationship is not reciprocal and doesn’t contribute positively to both parties, it’s acceptable to let it go.

Regarding the children, it’s no secret that Meri had some strained relationships with certain individuals. In this new phase of life, she allows each of the Brown children to decide the kind of relationship they want to maintain with her. While they were all part of a larger family, Meri stated that they treated every child as their own.

Meri also revealed that all the children have expressed their lack of desire to be in a polygamous relationship like their parents. Additionally, she acknowledged that some of the children embrace the fame that comes from being on the show, while others prefer a quieter, more private life.

As for her current relationship with the other sister wives, now that they have all left Kody except for Robyn, Meri shared that there is some friendly conversation when they are around each other. However, she doesn’t actively seek out a relationship with them. The family did come together to mourn the loss of Garrison Brown earlier this year, but Meri clarified that she isn’t particularly close to the other wives. From her perspective, she had plenty of years to foster those connections.

Meri also expressed her belief that Kody and Robyn are content in their relationship and do not intend to welcome another wife into their lives.

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