Jasmine Pineda from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recently addressed rumors of her pregnancy and shared some candid thoughts with TLC fans. Although she and Gino Palazzolo had discussed having a baby on the show, Jasmine claimed she no longer wanted one due to issues with the visa application for her children.

The topic of pregnancy was initially brought up by Jasmine herself on 90 Day Fiance, leading fans to speculate about the possibility. However, it remains uncertain whether she and her husband will have a child together, as there are strong rumors suggesting she has a new boyfriend. Some people suspect that the boyfriend might be a fabrication to maintain their relevance.

If Jasmine is indeed in a relationship with a real boyfriend, the possibility of her getting pregnant exists. Her previous reluctance to have a child with Gino was seen as a way to punish him, as she distanced herself from him and rejected intimacy. Furthermore, she hinted at the possibility of a divorce, which added to the tension in their relationship. It’s frustrating for Gino to have invested money in Jasmine’s cosmetic enhancements and not receive any intimacy in return.

In a recent Instagram post, Jasmine Pineda praised a hotel in New York and shared a reel in which she explored the premises, including the gym. In the video, she wore a tight green dress, which led some TLC fans to believe they spotted a small baby bump.

After receiving numerous inquiries about her pregnancy, Jasmine later deleted some comments. However, screenshots taken by @kimmy_robinson_66 on Instagram captured her frustration. She expressed annoyance at the constant questions and complaints in her Stories, as reported by Monsters and Critics. In one of the hidden comments, Jasmine cryptically stated, “I should have 💩 before.”

Commenters did not immediately address her candid remark about pregnancy. However, it seems that fans of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? are growing tired of the drama between Jasmine and Gino. While they try to keep the controversy alive, they may never achieve the same level of mastery as Angela Deem did.

Social media discussions have suggested that the more controversial a person is, the more likely TLC is to continue featuring them. Some critics hope that by ignoring Jasmine Pineda, she will eventually fade away from the TLC franchise.

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