Deon and Karen, the couple featured on the reality TV show Doubling Down With the Derricos, have officially divorced. The divorce has been finalized, and the judge has determined the terms of their settlement. Here’s what you need to know about their divorce and the agreement reached between Deon and Karen.

The divorce between Deon and Karen from Doubling Down With the Derricos is now official. While the news of their split is not entirely surprising, the speed at which it was finalized is unexpected. The couple filed for divorce on June 4, and the judgment was issued just two days later, on June 6. Despite having 13 minor children, they were able to reach an amicable resolution. The divorce judgment grants equal legal and physical custody of the children to both parents.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Deon will pay Karen $1,166 per month in child support. However, Karen will not be required to make any payments as she will be responsible for maintaining the children’s medical insurance. Additionally, Karen will retain the “Derrico” last name, and she expressed no desire to revert to her maiden name. The judge approved this request.

The decision to divorce came after the Derricos experienced strain in their relationship in recent weeks. In one particular episode of the show, they even argued about the chaotic state of their home.

Doubling Down With the Derricos follows the journey of Deon and Karen Derrico as they raise their 14 children, including quintuplets, triplets, and twins, along with solo pregnancies. The couple resides in Las Vegas. It’s worth noting that their oldest child, Darian, who is 18 years old, is not involved in the divorce proceedings.

The show has been airing on TLC since 2020, and the minor children featured on the show range in age from 4 to 13 years old. The divorce news emerged just two weeks before the Season 5 finale, which is scheduled to air on July 2. Fans may tune in to see if there were any indications of the impending divorce throughout the season. The series has highlighted the challenges the Derricos faced while searching for a permanent home, which put a strain on their marriage.

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