Little People Big World is known for its family feuds within the Roloff family, and recently there has been an unexpected update between Audrey Roloff and Tori Roloff. This raises questions about whether their feud is finally over and what the latest development is.

With the complex dynamics of the Roloff family, watching Little People Big World can sometimes feel like watching Game of Thrones. The show has featured various overlapping family rifts, with the feud between Zach Roloff and Matt Roloff taking the spotlight for a while, particularly after the failed Roloff Farms deal.

Even after Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff officially left the show, the animosity between them and Matt Roloff doesn’t appear to have completely subsided. Many Little People Big World fans interpreted Zach and Tori’s departure as a direct challenge to Matt. Despite the passage of time, it seems that Zach and Tori have yet to fully resolve their differences.

Another ongoing feud within the Roloff family is between Tori Roloff and Audrey Roloff. Fans who have followed the Roloffs for years know that Tori and Audrey often have differing viewpoints. Jeremy and Audrey tend to promote a more conservative lifestyle, while Zach and Tori lean more towards liberalism.

Audrey and Jeremy’s personal views and opinions, shared on their social media platforms, are known to deviate from the mainstream. Eagle-eyed Little People Big World fans have also noticed subtle shades thrown between Tori and Audrey over the years. One notable incident was when Tori didn’t congratulate Audrey and Jeremy on their announcement of baby number three. Since then, they have welcomed their fourth child. At the time, viewers interpreted Tori’s omission as a snub.

These instances suggest that there is still some tension within the family. Some viewers even speculated that Audrey and Tori had a sort of competition between them regarding having babies.

However, a recent development caught fans by surprise. Audrey Roloff shared the birth video of her fourth child, Mirabella May Roloff. In an unexpected move, Tori Roloff commented on the post, congratulating Audrey and describing her as a “badass.” Audrey responded with appreciation for Tori’s message, using heart and tear emojis.

While Tori and Audrey may still have their differences, this interaction could be seen as an olive branch and a step towards mending fences. If that is indeed the case, it signifies the resolution of at least one Roloff feud.

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