7 Little Johnstons, currently in its 14th season, has been showcasing the journey of the Johnston family. This season, viewers have witnessed Liz Johnston’s pregnancy and her struggles with Bryce. In addition to that, a new preview for an upcoming episode reveals that Alex and Emma are also making significant decisions as they transition into adulthood.

In this stage of their lives, Alex and Emma Johnston, the youngest members of the family, are in their senior year of high school and approaching adulthood. A preview on YouTube shows them discussing college options with their friends while enjoying a game of mini-golf.

Emma expresses feeling stressed when people ask her about her college major. Among the group, she seems to be the most burdened by the various decisions she has to make regarding college. Four out of the five friends are already seniors, with Ella being a junior at a different high school. Emma acknowledges that she is almost in the same position as her friends.

As the conversation becomes more serious, Alex inquires about his friends’ college preferences. The boys mention that they have visited Georgia Tech and plan to tour the University of Georgia. While they haven’t made a final decision, they believe they will likely choose one of these schools. They even entertain the idea of being dorm roommates.

Alex reveals that he plans to attend Middle Georgia State University and pursue a career in television production, specifically focusing on editing and post-production stages. Emma, on the other hand, admits that she has no idea what she wants to do and feels stressed when asked about her college major.

In addition to their college discussions, the preview also shows Alex and Emma joking around about their mini-golf skills. Alex receives some teasing from the others for getting frustrated during the game. He clarifies that he won’t be using geometry to improve his mini-golf skills because it’s not that serious, and he doesn’t particularly enjoy geometry.

Alex and Emma have important decisions ahead of them as they navigate their paths to college. These choices mark a significant step towards adulthood for them.

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