The Derricos, known for their show Doubling Down With The Derricos, have captured the hearts of the audience since their TV debut a few years ago. The new season of the show has been filled with excitement as the family prepares to move into a new home and embarks on a vacation. However, amidst the positive moments, tensions arose between Karen and Deon Derrico, leading to concerns about Karen’s health. Let’s delve into what happened.

In a recent episode, the Derrico family went on a skiing vacation in Mt. Charleston. As they arrived at their destination, a commotion ensued. In a brand new ET promo, one of the twin boys, Dallas, urgently approached Deon, expressing that “Mommy was hurt.” The camera then revealed Karen on the floor, with producers rushing to assist her and help her sit up. When asked about her condition, Karen mentioned that her heart was beating too fast, and Deon noticed that she seemed lethargic.

Deon swiftly guided Karen to the car, urging her to drink something. Simultaneously, the crew of Doubling Down With The Derricos called for an ambulance. Deon contemplated whether Karen had experienced a stroke, a heart attack, or if her symptoms were due to dehydration or the high elevation. He was determined to shield their children from witnessing their mother in such a vulnerable state.

The Derrico family’s journey on the show has garnered immense popularity due to their unique dynamics and the challenges they face while raising their 14 children. While they try to make the most of every moment and have fun, they also encounter difficulties along the way. Karen’s health scare during the skiing trip adds another layer of concern and uncertainty to their lives.

Fans of Doubling Down With The Derricos eagerly await further updates on Karen’s health and the family’s resilience in the face of challenges.

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