Amy Roloff, star of the reality show Little People, Big World, took to social media to pay tribute to her father and share her love for him. She has previously expressed the importance of her father in her life and continues to honor him on his birthday each year. Despite his birthday being in January, Amy recently posted on Instagram to remember her father once again and update her fans on their upcoming meeting. Here are the details.

On Instagram, Amy Roloff shared a photo of herself and her father raising a toast with drinks. She revealed that her father is 95 years old and celebrated his birthday in January 2024. In her heartfelt Father’s Day message, Amy expressed her excitement about seeing her father in late July during her visit to Michigan. She cherished every moment spent with him and professed her love for him, urging others not to let precious moments slip away.

Fans immediately praised Amy for her wise words about seizing the moment and also commented on how incredible her father looks at 95 years old. Some even jokingly mentioned that he appears younger than his own daughter.

It’s worth noting that Amy has previously praised her father on social media. In February 2023, she shared another photo of herself and her dad walking in the snow, stating how much of an impact he has had on her life. This led some fans to believe it was his birthday, but Amy clarified that it wasn’t. Instead, her post seemed to subtly address her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, and highlight the positive influence her father had on her and her siblings.

Amy responded to fans’ inquiries by emphasizing that both her parents did an excellent job raising her and her siblings. She expressed her hopes that her own children would grow up to become good adults and loving parents, suggesting that her post was more about acknowledging her father’s role rather than criticizing Matt’s parenting.

It’s evident from her social media posts that Amy Roloff deeply loves and values her father, appreciating the impact he has had on her life.

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